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Did someone say Leech!!



It was a lovely morning. The view of the forest and on going lake was just magnificent. It was my third day in Belum (Penang) and I was already in love with everything that passed my eye. The days agenda didn't seem all that bad except for the fact that we were about to go on a 3 hour trek which happened to have leeches written ALL over it.


I hopped on to the speed boat leading us to our deaths (I know I may be over exaggerating but I really don't like leeches). We came to a stop at a steep hill that we had to climb to get to the base point, to be honest my heart could have jumped out and ran for it any second but I kept strong and continued. I found my friends and we got into partners to keep an eye on each other just incase some creepy crawlies climb up and decide to ruin our lives.

Two by two we set off on our journey to the top of that mountain. It was very damp and humid but I kept my jacket and knee high socks on anyway. After a while the trek became quite nice, it was relaxing and fun until “AAAAHHHHHH” one of my friends who was further up the line screams “THERE'S A LEECH ON ME” “TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF”. That was it, that was all I needed to convince myself to turn around and head back to base but nope, next thing i know is that me and my friends are standing in a pit apparently filled with TONS of leeches. The first leech I had wasn't even on my body, it was on the side of my shoe and yet me being myself who is terribly scared of leeches bursts into tears and sprays almost half my mosquito spray onto my shoe to get rid of it (even though it dropped the first time I sprayed it)


We made it back to base and we were safe and far away from all the leeches ( well that's what I thought) until our guide tells us to take of our shoes and socks and check because leeches can actually get through your clothes. First of all no. second of all no. Third of all no No NO!.
It took me twenty minutes to actually take of my shoe and then my sock. Just skipping to the end here, I had one blood sucking creature on my ankle. Yes I screamed, Yes I cried but the past is the past and a memory is a memory. Probably something I might never forget.

Posted by Megarawela 04:47 Archived in Malaysia

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