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There she goes

Being a sports reporter isn't that bad


The weather looks exquisite today folks, i think today is going to be a bright day. What's that? They’re arriving early, well folks were going to be starting earlier than we thought.
There she is, the one and only Megara Welaratne. There she goes attempting to get off the speed boat and onto the house boat. Oh oh she looks a bit shaky, will she make it, will she make it and OH she made it safe and sound. No injuries yet folks.
It looks like her head has turned towards the food that is being served, will she go for it and YESS she does and take a big bite out of what looks like a chocolate cake roll. What's that? I think she's trying to tell us something folks. It sounds like she's saying wiggy? No? Umm piggy ? OHH i get it she's saying twiggy which is apparently an asian Twinkie.

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Summary of a good day

Day 2



We started off the day by going to the Orang Asli village and helping the locals plant more trees around their homes.


The little kids were watching above our heads and laughing at how seriously we were taking the task that must have been very simple for them.


Our next activity was to interact with the children in the tribe. It took a while for them to trust us but eventually they opened up to us.


Once we said goodbye to our new friends we journeyed of for a quick trek to a high rise waterfall.


Even though the trek was wet, steep and harder than I thought, once we reached the top it was all worth it.


After a tiring trek, all we wanted was something to eat so once we made it back to the houseboat lunch was already served.


After lunch we went on a fishing trip, all four boats went to different locations.


We came back from fishing all covered in mud so to end the day's activities, we went swimming in the lake.


To end the day off for dinner we were served a steamboat which is a must try in Asia.

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Did someone say Leech!!



It was a lovely morning. The view of the forest and on going lake was just magnificent. It was my third day in Belum (Penang) and I was already in love with everything that passed my eye. The days agenda didn't seem all that bad except for the fact that we were about to go on a 3 hour trek which happened to have leeches written ALL over it.


I hopped on to the speed boat leading us to our deaths (I know I may be over exaggerating but I really don't like leeches). We came to a stop at a steep hill that we had to climb to get to the base point, to be honest my heart could have jumped out and ran for it any second but I kept strong and continued. I found my friends and we got into partners to keep an eye on each other just incase some creepy crawlies climb up and decide to ruin our lives.

Two by two we set off on our journey to the top of that mountain. It was very damp and humid but I kept my jacket and knee high socks on anyway. After a while the trek became quite nice, it was relaxing and fun until “AAAAHHHHHH” one of my friends who was further up the line screams “THERE'S A LEECH ON ME” “TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF”. That was it, that was all I needed to convince myself to turn around and head back to base but nope, next thing i know is that me and my friends are standing in a pit apparently filled with TONS of leeches. The first leech I had wasn't even on my body, it was on the side of my shoe and yet me being myself who is terribly scared of leeches bursts into tears and sprays almost half my mosquito spray onto my shoe to get rid of it (even though it dropped the first time I sprayed it)


We made it back to base and we were safe and far away from all the leeches ( well that's what I thought) until our guide tells us to take of our shoes and socks and check because leeches can actually get through your clothes. First of all no. second of all no. Third of all no No NO!.
It took me twenty minutes to actually take of my shoe and then my sock. Just skipping to the end here, I had one blood sucking creature on my ankle. Yes I screamed, Yes I cried but the past is the past and a memory is a memory. Probably something I might never forget.

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Food at its best

It doesn't have to rhyme does it?


We started off with nuggets and a little bit of corn
But to be honest we were all expecting something more asian born
The juice that we were given was probably minute made
But you never know maybe they used a juice box and not a blade

For lunch we had grilled chicken and a little bit of rice
Even though it was kinda plain it was actually really nice
We drank water out of small boxes with really tiny straws
People say water doesn't taste different but this one really did

We ended off with something called an asian steamboat
Which was what we were looking for as soon as we entered the houseboat
We got to choose our own ingredients and work as a team
To find the ingredients that we didn't mind and blow off a little steam.

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Did somebody say Waterfall?

Waterfall Trek


We had just come back from an exhausting trek with mud and leeches and we were so petrified that none of us wanted to go on the 2nd trek which included more leeches and more mud, the teachers felt bad so instead of going on another terrifying trek they took us on a beautiful 10 minutes trek to a waterfall.


We got on our speed boats and head to the waterfall. Once we reached we saw many little streams of water and the guide told us to keep walking up stream all the way to the waterfall.
Soha and I first tried to keep our shoes dry but after our 6th time falling into the stream we gave up and just had fun. In parts of the stream it was a bit slippery which ended up with us trying to help each other but actually just pulling the other person into the water as well.

Soha and I were nearly at the waterfall when it started to pour down with heavy showers of rain. Two minutes later we were already drenched so by the time we made it to the waterfall, we just jumped in with all our clothes on and splashed around with our classmates.


The instructor who was keeping an eye on us had a drone and used it to take stupendous views from above. Using the drone he took videos and photos of us from above.

The water was freezing but for some reason very soothing too, but the scary part was that there was a 1cm gap between standing on shallow sand and deep water holes.
It was still pouring down so we decided it was time to head back.
We had an option to go on the safe trek back through the man made path or back down the stream which we followed up.
Kiara and I chose the harder way since I was feeling adventurous today.
Although the way back was harder than I thought it was we made it to the boat laughing hysterically.


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